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  • Product Name : MAILER BAG MB-112010
  • EAN: 5904224033217
  • Size: 40 cm x 47 cm
  • Product symbol: MB-112010
  • Thickness of foil : 60µ
  • Color : BEIGE
  • Capacity : 2,5 kg
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Packaging: 100 bags/packet

Our bio mailers are ideal for shipping lightweight items such as books, electronic gadgets, GSM accessories, small parts, tools, garments, toys, etc.

Bio mailers are strong and resistant to water and weather conditions. They are frost resistant. However, they should be protected from prolonged and direct exposure to strong sunlight.

BIO MAILERS are a very good alternative to plastic (LDPE) mailers, which are very harmful to our natural environment because such plastic may not biodegrade even for hundreds of years.

Due to the technological process involved in the production, actual sizes may vary +/- 5%

Our bio mailers have generally one adhesive strip.In order to close the envelope, peel off the foil protecting the adhesive strip. Then bend the flap and stick it to the surface on the white field in the immediate vicinity of the flap, pressing gently along the adhesive strip.    A special adhesive is used to seal compostable foil bags, the composition of which depends on the properties of the compostable foil.    After closing the foil envelope, it can still be opened for about 20-40 seconds from the moment of sealing, gently pulling off the flap. Then the bio mailer will not be damaged. After closing, it takes about 1-2 minutes for the glue to set. After this time, it will not be possible to open the bio mailer without damaging the structure of the foil. It is only after this time that the closure of the bio mailer becomes TAMPER-PROOF.    In case of damage to the adhesive strip, the bio mailers can be easily closed also by heat sealing. All you need is a household  foil sealer. Made of very thick foil, our bio mailers are durable and flexible. Our mailers are made of biopolymers based on natural plant ingredients such as corn and potato starch. They do not contain plastics or heavy metals. Compostable film is generally less durable than traditional plastic film (HDPE or LDPE). This is due to the structure and chemical composition of the compostable film. But their biggest advantage is that they are compostable. They are absolutely harmless to our environment, which is the most important argument in favor of their use. When choosing compostable products, we compromise between strength and compostability. The more durable the plastic, the less compostable and more harmful it is to our environment. Therefore, be careful not to throw heavy metal or sharp objects into the bio mailers, which may damage them by puncturing them.

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